What should I wear for my boudoir session? Your choice of what to wear is a personal decision. I recommend that you wear whatever makes your feel sexy or your partner’s favorite thing to see you in. For some ladies it’s a sexy cocktail dress, jeans, silk robe, lingerie, thigh high stockings or a cute panty and bra set. It’s really about what makes you feel hot! Don’t forget at least one pair of super sexy sky-high shoes.

What if I don’t own any lingerie? A boudoir session is the perfect excuse to splurge on some beautiful lingerie. See my lingerie link for some of my favorite lingerie shops.  If you are not the lingerie type or just don’t think you will use it again (silly girl!), then forget it! You can choose to wear something else or use some of the lovely items I have available.  I have corsets, garter belts, hats, gloves, super sexy shoes, etc. If lingerie is not for you, how about a tight white tank top, your man’s white shirt, or nothing at all!

Should I have my hair and makeup done? YES, YES, YES! You are making an investment in yourself with this photo session so why not look your best? You deserve it! I recommend that at a minimum you get your makeup done, to include eye lashes. These are very important to achieve the bedroom eyes look and are very inexpensive from your local drugstore.  Your makeup artist can apply them for you. You could probably do your own hair but if you can have someone else do it, go for it!!  Let me know if you need a referral to a makeup or hair artist.

Polish or no polish? The most important thing about your finger and toe nails is that they are neatly clipped and fresh because they will definately show in your photos.  Polish is nice but be sure to stay away from really bright colors like neon pink.  These colors really pop in a photo and take the attention away from lovely you.

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